Version 7.0.14a of screen-scraper Released

Just released a new alpha version of screen-scraper. Here are the changes: Bug fix to datamanager awaitCompletionOfPendingWrites method that could cause it to permanently block. Addition of new HTTP callback event fire times. Fixed a data manager issue when building schemas with some newer mysql drivers. Added sutil.makeGETRequestRequired(String) that issues a request even if the … Read moreVersion 7.0.14a of screen-scraper Released

Version 7.0.1a released

When you updated to version 7.0.1a, the first thing you’ll notice is spruced up GUI, but there is a quite a bit going on under the hood too. You can see all the release notes here. If you want to use this update, here is the instruction to update.

HTTPS connection issues

We’ve been seeing lots of issues with scrapes connecting to HTTPS sites. Some of the errors include

  • ssl_error_rx_record_too_long
  • An input/output error occurred while connecting to https:// … The message was peer not authenticated.
  • peer not authenticated

The issue came about when the Heartbleed vulnerability necessitated changes to some HTTPS connections—some of types aren’t secure anymore, and new versions have come out. Screen-scraper needed two changes to catch up, and they are:

  • Update to use Java 8
  • Update of HTTPClient to 4.4

Both of these are pretty large changes, so they aren’t in the stable release yet, however in some cases they are the only option to make a scrape work, therefore here is the instructions to get what you need.

Read moreHTTPS connection issues

Version 6.0 of screen-scraper released!

It’s now official!  Precisely one year after our last major release (5.5) we’ve let loose version 6.0.  This is undoubtedly our most feature-rich rock-solid version yet.  Take a glance through the release notes for a list of the myriad of changes.  Better yet, either upgrade your existing instance, or download it fresh!