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screen-scraper automates

  • Copying text from a web page.
  • Clicking links.
  • Entering data into forms and submitting them.
  • Iterating through search results pages.
  • Downloading files (PDF, Word, images, etc.)

Rock solid

  • Very mature - has been under continuous development since 2002.
  • Can handle just about any website you throw at it, including sites that use AJAX.
  • Scraping processes can run uninterrupted for weeks or months.

Integrates with existing systems

  • Invoke screen-scraper from .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP, or just about any other language.
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, and any other OS that supports Java.
  • Can call out to external applications using a variety of methods and APIs.

Website Scraper Software

How does it work? Our web scraping software simply replicates what you can do with a web browser, such as clicking links, logging into websites, submitting forms, and downloading files. The advantage a data scraping tool has is that it can do all of these things significantly faster than a human. Once programmed, a web scraper can extract data from a website, then save that data into a database, spreadsheet, or any other format you might need.


Extract Data to Multiple Formats

Once our screen scraping software downloads data it can save it in just about any format you’d like. The simplest example is a CSV file, which can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Other common formats include XML, JSON, or a database. Unlike many other screen scraping tools, ours can also integrate easily with other systems via APIs or direct database connections.


Big Data Web Scraping Software

Our screen-scraping tools can scale massively on the cloud. Our website scraper software is multithreaded, and can also be distributed across many machines. This means it can data scrape many websites all at the same time.


Our Screen-Scraping Software Works With Your Existing Systems

It’s possible that you have an existing software application you’d like our data mining tool to integrate with. This might be a database, CMS, or ecommerce site. Our web scraping software has the ability to insert data directly into another system. We can also go the other direction—you can invoke our website scraper software from your application, and it will send the data to you.

Screen Scraping Tools that Work With Just About Anything

You can use our website scraper software with virtually any other programming language, such as .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, or PHP. Because our software is written in Java, it will also run on most modern operating systems (e.g., Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).

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