Version 7.0.14a of screen-scraper Released

Just released a new alpha version of screen-scraper. Here are the changes:

  • Bug fix to datamanager awaitCompletionOfPendingWrites method that could cause it to permanently block.
  • Addition of new HTTP callback event fire times.
  • Fixed a data manager issue when building schemas with some newer mysql drivers.
  • Added sutil.makeGETRequestRequired(String) that issues a request even if the session has been stopped.
  • Added support for SOCKS proxies to Async v2 and cURL http clients. This is currently only available via session.setProxyType.
  • Fix to sutil.stripHTML and to the strip HTML option on extractor tokens to properly strip HTML when comments are present in the text.
  • Bug fix to data manager and database caching that could cause deadlock on the database connection.
  • Bug fix to sutil.getOptionSet for options with additional parameters with names ending with “value”.
  • Added a new setting in the properties file (optional) of DecodeProxyComparisonParameters. When set to “true” the compare last request with proxy transaction will show the parameters after being URL decoded, rather than exactly as they were sent.

As always, the alpha versions are quite stable, and give you the very latest features. We actually use the alpha versions on our production instances, so don’t hesitate to dive in!

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