Version 5.5.37a of screen-scraper Released

Several small changes in this one: Fixed a bug related to duplicate token editor windows. Add buttons to wrap text and find within the request/response of a proxy transaction. Now using %20 instead of + to represent a space character when encoding GET/POST parameters. Now correctly displaying encoded GET/POST parameters in scrapeable file proxy comparer. … Read moreVersion 5.5.37a of screen-scraper Released

Version 5.5.36a of screen-scraper Released

Several changes in this one: Added the following methods: session.setStopScrapingOnScriptError, session.setStopScrapingOnMaxRequestAttemptsReached, session.setStopScrapingOnExtractorPatternTimeout, scrapeableFile.getMaxRequestAttemptsReached, scrapeableFile.getExtractorPatternTimedOut. Fixed a bug related to prompting for save upon exit. Deprecated proxy scripting.  Can be re-enabled via the AllowProxyScripting property. Fixed a minor memory leak in the workbench. Updated the .NET driver to work with COM-based applications. Added initial support for … Read moreVersion 5.5.36a of screen-scraper Released

Version 5.5.25a of screen-scraper Released

Just a few changes: Deprecated caching and filtering data sets (can be re-enabled with EnableCachingAndFilteringDataSets property). Now automatically swapping extractor pattern tokens for embedded variables in certain fields in the workbench (e.g., in the URL field ~@FOO@~ is changed to ~#FOO#~). Added a “Find” button to the “Last Request” tab.