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We extract data from websites and deliver it to you in a format you can use.

Through the use of screen-scraping tools and services, we can mine data from websites, and provide it to you in virtually any format. Our website scraper software has been in development for over 15 years, and can handle just about any site on the Web. You’re welcome to use our screen-scraping software yourself at no cost, or hire us to do the screen-scraping for you.

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Screen Scraping

What does it mean to data scrape a site? This is the process of automatically downloading text, images, and other content from a website via data extraction software. We’ve been developing and working with data mining tools for over 15 years, and have worked in a broad range of industries. If you have a project that requires screen scraping we have the experience and software to get it done.

We’ll Get the Data For You

Don’t want to learn to use screen scraping tools yourself? We’ve got you covered. We’re experts with web scraping software, and can get your project done for you. Simply tell us about the site you’d like to data scrape, such as the URL, what data points you’d like extracted, and the format you’d like it in (e.g., database, CSV, API). We’ll provide you with a quote at no cost.

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Why us?

Some of the largest companies in the world have trusted our screen scraping software to acquire data for them. We extract data from websites on a daily basis, and have been doing so for longer than just about anyone in the industry. Because our primary screen scraping tool is so mature it can handle virtually any website you might throw at it.

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DIY Screen Scraping

Previously we charged thousands of dollars for our primary data mining tool—screen-scraper Enterprise Edition, but we’re now giving it away at no cost. If you know the basics of a programming language like Java or C#, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to learn our screen scraping software quickly. We provide tutorials and extensive documentation on using our screen scraping tool, and, if that isn’t enough, you can always post to our forums or contact us directly for help.



Gather health plan data, migrate legacy data, or find healthcare professionals.

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Asset analysis, aggregate account info, or gather corporate profiles.

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Generate sales leads, research industry trends, or aggregate inventory.

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Collect product data, analyze competitors, or integrate with suppliers.

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Real Estate

Aggregate listings, monitor foreclosures, or collect recorder data.

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Travel: Automate booking. Insurance: Automate quotes. Legal: Research cases.

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