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Data Scraping Across Industries

Information is everywhere, and that’s our bread and butter. Regardless of your industry we can extract data from a website you have in mind. Common examples include real estate, financial, medical, and auto, but we scrape websites in just about any area you can imagine.


Example 1: Scraping Medical Data

There is a wealth of data related to the healthcare industry on the web, but it’s largely scattered. We can aggregate this information together so that it can be search and analyzed in a single location. The medical industry is also replete with legacy systems. Our data scraping software can also be used to migrate data from one system to another, or even tie systems together so that they talk to each other in real time.


Example 2: Financial Data Extraction

Professionals who work in the financial industry are often looking at data that crosses multiple industries and websites. This often means manual data extraction as data points are copied and pasted into a spreadsheet so that they can be analyzed. Our website scraping software can automate this process. Not only can it extract data from websites, but it can also perform calculations and analyses on that data in order to inform business decisions.


Example 3: Auto Industry Data Scraping

The amount of data in the automotive industry is vast. Doing manual web data mining by copying and pasting text is unrealistic, so scraping websites is the only viable option when in-depth analysis is needed. Our website data extraction software can be used to aggregate leads, collect data on autos for sale, or interface with inventory websites.


Example 4: E-Commerce Website Data Extraction

Suppose you’re a retailer, and you’d like to keep inventory on your site up-to-date via website extraction. You could copy and paste manually (effectively becoming a human web scraper), or you could automate the process via web data mining. It may not be a big deal to do it by hand if you’re only dealing with a handful of products, but once you get into the hundreds or thousands, any data extraction solution that isn’t fully automated becomes untenable.


Example 5: Real Estate Website Scraping

This is one of the most common industries we deal with. The obvious example of scraping websites in the real estate industry is for sale listings, but there’s much more that can be done. There is a vast array of public records available online, and web data mining is an ideal way of obtaining them. We can download records in large numbers, and centralize them all into a single source, such as a database.


Example 6: Extract Data From Multiple Websites

Information is inherent to all industries, so whether it’s travel, insurance, or legal, it’s likely our web scraper software can help you. Often times we data scrape from many sites at once, then centralize that information so that it can be searched, compared, or analyzed. It’s common to scrape websites for the purposes of competitive analysis, for example. You may be interested in comparing prices, breadth of product catalogue, or simply viewing all products in a single location. Our expertise in data scraping can help get all of this information in one place for you.

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