Version 6.0.14a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 06.28.12 by Todd Wilson

Several small changes in this one:

  • Extractor patterns invoked manually can now be tested on a sub-set of the HTML page.
  • Added scrapeableFile.setForcePOST.
  • Upgraded internal GWT libraries.
  • Prettied up the web UI.

Check the alpha log for a full list of changes.

New Quick Guide video

Posted in Tips, Updates on 06.15.12 by scottw

We recently released a new Quick Guide video.  In less than three minutes you can get an idea of what it’s like to use screen-scraper.


Version 6.0.6a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 05.10.12 by Todd Wilson

Several small changes in this one:

  • Upgraded Bean Shell to the latest version.
  • Searches within a proxy session now include notes.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the workbench to freeze when the breakpiont window was up.
  • Now using global proxy settings if no session proxy settings are found.
  • Improved cookie handling in the proxy server.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a proxy session to not be completely saved.
  • Added sutil.makeGETRequestNoSessionProxy.

Version 6.0.4a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 05.01.12 by Todd Wilson

Several bug fixes and new features in this release:

  • Fixed a bug such that a scrapeable session ID is now being generated even for scraping sessions that will run in the future.
  • Fixed a bug where nodes in the tree weren’t being highlighted correctly.
  • Scrapeable files can now be added via a URL.
  • If the DatabasePort and WebServerShutdownPort properties are omitted from the file they’ll now be automatically set to the value of an open port.
  • The ProxyPort will now only be tested and used when screen-scraper is running in server mode if the AllowProxyScripting is set to true.
  • Added a “Load Response from Clipboard” button to the scrapeable file panel.
  • Updated BeanShell to the latest version, disabling unstable Windows scripting in the process (e.g., VBScript).

Version 6.0 of screen-scraper released!

Posted in Updates on 04.11.12 by Todd Wilson

It’s now official!  Precisely one year after our last major release (5.5) we’ve let loose version 6.0.  This is undoubtedly our most feature-rich rock-solid version yet.  Take a glance through the release notes for a list of the myriad of changes.  Better yet, either upgrade your existing instance, or download it fresh!

Version 5.5.43a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 03.27.12 by Todd Wilson

Just a couple of small changes:

  • Updated session.downloadFile to use current proxy settings.
  • Updated tool-tips in script editor to accurately reflect API changes.
With a little luck we’ll be having a 6.0 release in the next week or so…

Version 5.5.40a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 02.22.12 by Todd Wilson

Several minor fixes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue related to renaming scraping sessions.
  • Added a couple of check boxes to wrap text to the proxy panels.
  • Made a fix to ensure consistency in line wrapping the last response text box.
  • Now centering the search result in the proxy.
  • Fixed text related to the edition to be more consistent.
  • Fixed a bug related to stopping scraping when an infinite redirect is encountered.

Version 5.5.38a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 02.07.12 by Todd Wilson

Several small fixes in this update:

  • Now determining whether or not to save on individual key strokes.
  • Fixed a bug related to displaying the start page and handling history.
  • Fixed a bug related to deleting multiple items.
  • Fixed a few minor memory leaks.
  • Now stripping internal anchors off of redirect URL’s.

Version 5.5.37a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 01.26.12 by Todd Wilson

Several small changes in this one:

  • Fixed a bug related to duplicate token editor windows.
  • Add buttons to wrap text and find within the request/response of a proxy transaction.
  • Now using %20 instead of + to represent a space character when encoding GET/POST parameters.
  • Now correctly displaying encoded GET/POST parameters in scrapeable file proxy comparer.
  • Added search term to the top of the proxy search results window.
Also, for any out there keeping track, we’re nearing another full version release.  At this point we’ve pretty much frozen the feature set for a 6.0 release, so we’re now going to be doing a lot of internal testing to ensure we catch any bugs and such before we do a full release.  We’d also be grateful to any who are willing to help us test alpha versions.  Please let us know of any issues you find.

Version 5.5.36a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 01.24.12 by Todd Wilson

Several changes in this one:

  • Added the following methods: session.setStopScrapingOnScriptError, session.setStopScrapingOnMaxRequestAttemptsReached, session.setStopScrapingOnExtractorPatternTimeout, scrapeableFile.getMaxRequestAttemptsReached, scrapeableFile.getExtractorPatternTimedOut.
  • Fixed a bug related to prompting for save upon exit.
  • Deprecated proxy scripting.  Can be re-enabled via the AllowProxyScripting property.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in the workbench.
  • Updated the .NET driver to work with COM-based applications.
  • Added initial support for memory profiling.
The memory profiling stuff is especially cool.  There are times when a developer can inadvertently cause screen-scraper to run short on memory.  We’ve added code to detect for these times, then give (hopefully) a good detailed description of what’s chewing up resources so that the problem can be addressed.  It’s likely we’ll refine this one more over time, but even the initial implementation is pretty useful.

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