Version of screen-scraper available

Just took version fresh out of the oven. This one contains some overdue GUI enhancements that I think will delight you. I’d especially recommend the context menus (try right clicking on items in the tree). If you’re currently running version or higher you can upgrade via Options -> Check for updates. If you’re … Read moreVersion of screen-scraper available

Folders! Folders! Folders! screen-scraper available

We’ve been swamped lately, but I’m happy to report that we’ve finally completed a version of screen-scraper that includes folders. This has been one of the most oft-requested features, so I hope it makes using screen-scraper just that much more pleasant. Upgrade your instance via the “Check for updates” option from the “Options” menu. Hopefully … Read moreFolders! Folders! Folders! screen-scraper available

Example scraping sessions available

I just posted several example scraping sessions that may be of help to those starting out with screen-scraper: Back when screen-scraper was just a babe in my arms I used to include scraping sessions in the download. The scraping sessions extracted stuff from Slashdot, Freshmeat, and The trouble was, the sites would change … Read moreExample scraping sessions available

Version 2.7.2 of screen-scraper available

This is just a minor bug fix release, but anyone invoking screen-scraper from the command line should upgrade. Somehow a semi-critical bug slipped through our radar on the 2.7 release. In 2.7 if you have the workbench open, then run screen-scraper from the command line, when the command line instance ends it will close screen-scraper’s … Read moreVersion 2.7.2 of screen-scraper available

New screen-scraper tutorial available

We’ve just released a new screen-scraper tutorial: It’s just received the blessing from our project manager and aspiring professional writer/editor, Jason Bellows, so it should be ready for public consumption. Here’s a snippet from the tutorial introduction: “It’s often the case in screen-scraping that you want to submit a form multiple times using different … Read moreNew screen-scraper tutorial available

Untrusted Server Certificate Chain fix

Some of you in the past may have run into this dreaded message when trying to access a site that uses HTTPS: Untrusted Server Certificate Chain I’m happy to report that we’ve just issued a fix for that in version See this FAQ if you run into any trouble upgrading.