New screen-scraper tutorial available

We’ve just released a new screen-scraper tutorial: It’s just received the blessing from our project manager and aspiring professional writer/editor, Jason Bellows, so it should be ready for public consumption.

Here’s a snippet from the tutorial introduction:

“It’s often the case in screen-scraping that you want to submit a form multiple times using different parameters each time. For example, you may be extracting locations from the “store locator” service on a site, and need to submit the form for a series of zip codes. In this tutorial we’ll provide an example on how to go about that.”

We’ve had this requested a few times, so hopefully it will provide enough of a template that people can use it for similar projects.

As always, feel free to let us know what you think. You can post a comment below, post to our support forum, or send us a note.

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