Version of screen-scraper available

This is a pretty small upgrade, but fixes a couple of bugs I’ve personally found to be obnoxious in screen-scraper. They were easy to fix, so my apologies to the world for taking so long to fix them.

The first bug deals with the little divider between the tree on the left and whatever else you might be looking at on the right side (e.g., a scraping session or script). Many might have noticed that oftentimes you can only inch that divider along a few pixels at a time. Pretty annoying, but, fortunately, now fixed.

The second bug is less common, but equally annoying. When adding sub-extractor patterns a vertical scroll bar would often show up on the inner pane, when there was already a vertical scroll bar on the outer pane. You had to resize the window in order to make the inner one go away. Again, obnoxious, but now fixed.

This is a very stable release, so no fears on upgrading. Have at it and save some of your sanity.

2 thoughts on “Version of screen-scraper available”

  1. hi Todd,

    I don’t others situation,but from my pespective, you just made a another bug by fixing it. When I added as many as I wanted sub-extractor patterns, the outer pane doesnot work at all. In that case, we do need a inner pane to scroll the screen. plz check your version, let me know your result.


  2. Thanks for the feedback, Max. You’re correct that there’s still a bug. As a temporary workaround, if you simply resize the window everything snaps back into place, as it should. I’ll post a true fix for it in the next day or two. At the moment I’m focusing on re-working the tree nav (I think you’ll like it), and will get to the bug you mentioned immediately after.

    Best wishes,


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