Version of screen-scraper available

Today on our support forum we had someone inquire about calling scripts from other scripts within screen-scraper. This has been requested a number of times in the past, and I’ve kind of hummed and hahed about it, not sure if it would be opening a can of worms. Some of our internal developers have wanted this as well, so I gave it a bit more thought, and came up with a pretty quick and easy way to implement it.

I’m particularly interested in having this one thoroughly tested, so please feel free to upgrade (try this FAQ if you run into trouble). Remember that this is an alpha version, so caveats apply. It should be plenty stable, though, since this is the only addition from 2.7.2

Once you’ve upgraded, you can do a method call like this within a script in order to invoke another:

session.executeScript( “My Script” );

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