Version 5.5.23a of screen-scraper Released

Get ready, kiddies, this is a big one!  Found myself with some time on my hands, so I got some things done that have needed doing for a while.  Plus I added in a few little goodies that have been rolling around in my head.  Enjoy!

  • Now outputting message as a warning when extractor pattern times out.
  • Script pane no longer scrolls to the top when finding text fails.
  • The last error message will now always be retained in the Web UI.
  • Now notifying the user if a scrapeable file is generated from an HTTP transaction that contains a multi-part request, but no file parameters.
  • Changed icon to something friendlier on database backup pop-up.
  • Added session.setUserAgent.
  • Fixed an issue related to resolving relative URL’s from extracted data.
  • Fixed an issue related to reordering columns in the workbench.
  • Fixed an issue related to truncated server responses.
  • Fixed the PHP driver to allow carriage returns and line feeds to be passed in the setVariable method.
  • Now initializing the last response view to the top of the page.
  • Now displaying recently accessed scripts first in the script instances drop-down list.
  • Enlarged the scraping session notes field a bit.
  • Added back and forward buttons to the workbench.

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