Version of screen-scraper available

Just a few little bug fixes in this one. There was a pretty annoying problem that would cause the GUI to freeze up from time to time. It turned out to be a bug in Sun’s Java code, but fortunately there was a relatively painless workaround.

The usual caveats apply–this is alpha software, so use it at your own risk. Thanks, though, to anyone willing to help us test.

If you’re currently running version or higher you can upgrade via Options -> Check for updates. If you’re using anything else, follow these instructions (see this page for details on why you need to follow these steps):

  1. Back up your scraping sessions (check here for help on that).
  2. Ensure screen-scraper isn’t currently running (close the workbench and server, if running).
  3. Download this file, and unzip it.
  4. Copy the contents of the zip file on top of your existing files in the screen-scraper install folder. For example, the zip file contains a “screen-scraper.jar” file which should be copied on top of your existing “screen-scraper.jar” file.
  5. Edit your “resource\conf\” file in a text editor. Change the “Version” property to “”.
  6. Launch the screen-scraper workbench.
  7. If all of your scraping sessions have disappeared, don’t panic!
  8. Close the screen-scraper workbench.
  9. Re-open the screen-scraper workbench.

You’re done!

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