I made a boo-boo.  To make it short, if you downloaded an installer from our web site between May 3 and May 5 you may actually be running version 5.0 of screen-scraper even though it says 5.5.  This was a result of an oversight on my part, and my apologies to those affected.  Fortunately for you hapless victims of my carelessness the solution is simple:

  1. Ensure screen-scraper is not currently running.
  2. Edit the “” file in your favorite text editor.  This properties file is found in the “resource/conf” folder of the directory where you have screen-scraper installed.
  3. Inside that properties file you’ll find a “Version” property, which should say 5.5.  Change it to 5.0, then save the file.  This will cause screen-scraper to think that it’s at 5.0, and that it needs to upgrade.
  4. Launch the screen-scraper workbench.  You should get a message indicating that version 5.5 of screen-scraper is available.  Allow screen-scraper to download and install the update.

That’s it!  Hopefully it won’t cause anyone undue angst.

You who have been updating via the normal update process should be unaffected by this snafu.

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