Enterprise-Scale Screen-Scraping

One of the main aspects that I think differentiates screen-scraper from many other solutions is its ability to handle large-scale scraping needs.  Additionally, it was designed from the ground up to integrate with other systems, so it generally fits nicely into most any existing setup.

If you’re doing a simple one-off data extraction project screen-scraper could certainly handle it, but, truthfully, you may be better off with something that’s a little more quick-and-easy.  On the contrary, if you’re looking to pull data from multiple web sites, and need the extracted data to be made available to other solutions, screen-scraper is an excellent option.  There are many solutions out there that may get you up and running fairly quickly, but would fall apart when faced with some of the jobs screen-scraper tackles.

Along these lines we’ve added a new Enterprise-Ready page to our site that summarizes some of what screen-scraper can do.  If you need big iron for your project, take a close look at what screen-scraper offers.

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