Money-Back Guarantee for screen-scraper

We’ve actually had a 30-day money-back guarantee since almost the beginning, but recently decided to highlight it a bit more.  Any time in a software development project you incorporate a new library or application you’re incurring a certain amount of risk.  The new application may appear to do just what you want it to, but later on your realize that it falls short.  We’ve put many years of development into making screen-scraper the best data extraction tool on the market, but we also acknowledge that it may not work out for everyone.  Because of this we want to help reduce some of the risk that people take when trying us out.  We already offer the Professional and Enterprise Editions as fully-functional 30-day trials, but on top of that, if things still don’t work out, you always have the option of simply asking for your money back.

As the 30-day money-back guarantee page on our site mentions, we also offer several ways for people to get help.  There’s no question that screen-scraper has a bit of a learning curve, and we try to provide as much help as we can so people can become proficient with it quickly.

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