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On September 5th, 2010 we received a call from a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, Steve Stecklow (2007 Pulitzer Prize winner). He was calling to speak with someone at our company for a story he was doing related to our industry. He and I talked for about 40 minutes where he asked a lot of interesting questions about our company and about the industry in general. I explained to him how we are one of three screen-scraping companies in Utah Valley. He then asked if he could fly in and meet with us in person.

About 10 days later Steve pulled into town in a shiny new rent-a-car. Jason Bellows (VP of Operations), Todd Wilson (Owner, President), and I took Steve to a favorite Mexican joint, Diego’s, which is run by a fellow in our building. There he continued his interview and asked us about the various companies we’ve done work for. He was looking for something juicy for his story but did so in a very polite and forthright manner. We told him about work we’ve done for Microsoft, Oracle, Progressive Insurance and others. Some information we were not able to share due to non-disclosure agreements we’ve entered into with our clients.

A few days later they sent Chris Detrick, a free-lance photographer who works for the Salt Lake Tribune, to take pictures around the office. Over the next few weeks Steve and I stayed in contact as he had various follow up questions.

In the end, Todd and I were quoted briefly and Todd got to expose a part of screen-scraper’s source code for all the world to see.

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