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Well, I sure wish someone would have told us about this a while ago, so I’m doing the world a favor and talking about it here. Hopefully this blog posting gets picked up by Google so that others who are new to phpBB can learn how to stop spam up front.

We’ve been battling spam on our phpBB forum for I don’t know how long. The forum software works fine, but it’s so widespread that it seems to be one of the primary targets for forum spammers. After monkeying around with the thing installing mods and making manual changes, we finally hit this mod: Stop Spambot Registration. Once installed, the spam stopped. Amazing.

Now, obviously your mileage may vary with this one. We’ve also tried a bunch of other mods, so it’s possible that some of our mods are helping, but the Stop Spambot Registration was the key for us. If you find that you need more firepower beyond that mod, I’d recommend trying others on the phpBB Security-Related MODs page that relate to spam.

By the way, just one plea to the phpBB folks–please consider building spam control into the base install of the software. You know people are targeting you, so why not give your users some defense out of the box?


Well, I declared victory a bit prematurely with that last posting. We got a bit more spam after I installed the mod I mentioned, so I installed one more: spamwords. It seems to work fairly well. My only complaint is that it only allows you to designate words, and not phrases, as indicators of spam.

I should also mention one other change we made early on that stopped a lot of the spam–we deleted the guest user account. This is the user in the database that has an ID of -1. I searched and searched for a way to disable guest posting, to no avail. With the guest account deleted people see an error message if they explicitly log out, but at least it prevents spam from non-registered posters.

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