Using screen-scraper with Enterprise Content Management Software

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) encompasses a wide variety of software and technologies for retrieving and managing information and applications so that they are accessible to users throughout a company’s network. Integration of these applications and content sources is usually best accomplished not by reprogamming all of them to accomodate a common interface, which quickly becomes … Read moreUsing screen-scraper with Enterprise Content Management Software

Three common methods for data extraction

Building off of my earlier posting on data discovery vs. data extraction, in the data extraction phase of the web scraping process you’ve already arrived at the page containing the data you’re interested in, and you now need to pull it out of the HTML. Probably the most common technique used traditionally to do this … Read moreThree common methods for data extraction

Data discovery vs. data extraction

Looking at screen-scraping at a simplified level, there are two primary stages involved: data discovery and data extraction. Data discovery deals with navigating a web site to arrive at the pages containing the data you want, and data extraction deals with actually pulling that data off of those pages. Generally when people think of screen-scraping … Read moreData discovery vs. data extraction