Version 5.5.17a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 09.13.11 by Todd Wilson

Several fixes and enhancements in this one:

  • Fixed a bug where a null parameter was causing rendering problems.
  • Added ability to turn on and off automatic proxy cycling via setAutomaticProxyCycling.
  • Auto-saving can now be enabled by adding an AutoSaveTime=[Time in seconds] in the file.
  • Filtered data sets now show up as filtered when using the “Test Pattern” button.
  • Added SetCharacterSet to .NET driver.

Version 5.5.15a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 08.11.11 by Todd Wilson

Just a small fix in this one, but definitely a recommended upgrade for those using alpha versions.  This release fixes a bug introduced in the previous alpha related to closing the HTTP connection manager.

Version 5.5.14a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 08.09.11 by Todd Wilson

This one contains a few important fixes.  For those using alpha versions I’d recommend upgrading.  Here’s what it contains:

  • Fixed an issue where a blank file HTTP parameter was being sent incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with the REST interface where the wrong scrapeable_session_id was being returned.
  • Fixed an issue where the HTTP connection manager was getting closed prematurely.

Version 5.5.12a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 07.13.11 by Todd Wilson

Several minor bug fixes and updates in this one:

  • Fixed a race condition where a scraping session could potentially get started by two different threads.
  • DataManager: a few logging changes
  • DataManager: a modification of the order of database writes when foreign keys are manually set
  • DataManager: transactional support for rolling back writes
  • DataManager: a framework for making data assertions
  • Fixed an issue exporting large scripts that call session.executeScript.

Version 5.5.11a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 06.24.11 by Todd Wilson

This release has just one change–we’ve added a session.setUseServerCharacterSet( boolean useServerCharacterSet ) method. In cases of sites that use international character sets this can save you a bit of trouble determining which character set the scraping session should use.  That said, our experience has been that web servers don’t always tell the truth in terms of which character set their pages use, so it’s still nice to be able to specify it.

Version 5.5.10a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 06.21.11 by Todd Wilson

Just a couple of little fixes in this one:

  • Fixed a rare issue with file uploads.
  • Fixed an issue with extractor patterns getting interrupted.

Version 5.5.5a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 05.11.11 by Todd Wilson

Just a couple of minor bug fixes in this one:

  • Fixed an issue that affects editing tokens on some older Macs.
  • Fixed a bug related to line wrapping in large responses.


Posted in Miscellaneous on 05.05.11 by Todd Wilson

I made a boo-boo.  To make it short, if you downloaded an installer from our web site between May 3 and May 5 you may actually be running version 5.0 of screen-scraper even though it says 5.5.  This was a result of an oversight on my part, and my apologies to those affected.  Fortunately for you hapless victims of my carelessness the solution is simple:

  1. Ensure screen-scraper is not currently running.
  2. Edit the “” file in your favorite text editor.  This properties file is found in the “resource/conf” folder of the directory where you have screen-scraper installed.
  3. Inside that properties file you’ll find a “Version” property, which should say 5.5.  Change it to 5.0, then save the file.  This will cause screen-scraper to think that it’s at 5.0, and that it needs to upgrade.
  4. Launch the screen-scraper workbench.  You should get a message indicating that version 5.5 of screen-scraper is available.  Allow screen-scraper to download and install the update.

That’s it!  Hopefully it won’t cause anyone undue angst.

You who have been updating via the normal update process should be unaffected by this snafu.

Version 5.5.2a of screen-scraper Released

Posted in Updates on 04.19.11 by Todd Wilson

I know we just released version 5.5, but we still want to keep the ball rolling.  Here are the changes in this one:

  • Fixed a bug where the log was being centered incorrectly after a search.
  • Added “Accept all cookies” cookie policy.
  • Added preliminary support for using Rackspace as an alternative to Amazon in anonymization service.

Version 5.5 of screen-scraper Released!

Posted in Updates on 04.01.11 by Todd Wilson

Queue the applause.  Judging by the release notes for this one, I can honestly say we’ve put a lot into it.  I wouldn’t say that there are many earth-shattering updates in this version, but there are scads of little feature enhancements and fixes.  As usual, the upgrade is free to licensed users.  Enjoy!

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