Version 5.5.17a of screen-scraper Released

Several fixes and enhancements in this one: Fixed a bug where a null parameter was causing rendering problems. Added ability to turn on and off automatic proxy cycling via setAutomaticProxyCycling. Auto-saving can now be enabled by adding an AutoSaveTime=[Time in seconds] in the file. Filtered data sets now show up as filtered when using … Read moreVersion 5.5.17a of screen-scraper Released

Version 5.5.14a of screen-scraper Released

This one contains a few important fixes.  For those using alpha versions I’d recommend upgrading.  Here’s what it contains: Fixed an issue where a blank file HTTP parameter was being sent incorrectly. Fixed an issue with the REST interface where the wrong scrapeable_session_id was being returned. Fixed an issue where the HTTP connection manager was … Read moreVersion 5.5.14a of screen-scraper Released

Version 5.5.12a of screen-scraper Released

Several minor bug fixes and updates in this one: Fixed a race condition where a scraping session could potentially get started by two different threads. DataManager: a few logging changes DataManager: a modification of the order of database writes when foreign keys are manually set DataManager: transactional support for rolling back writes DataManager: a framework … Read moreVersion 5.5.12a of screen-scraper Released

Version 5.5.11a of screen-scraper Released

This release has just one change–we’ve added a session.setUseServerCharacterSet( boolean useServerCharacterSet ) method. In cases of sites that use international character sets this can save you a bit of trouble determining which character set the scraping session should use.  That said, our experience has been that web servers don’t always tell the truth in terms … Read moreVersion 5.5.11a of screen-scraper Released

Version 5.5 of screen-scraper Released!

Queue the applause.  Judging by the release notes for this one, I can honestly say we’ve put a lot into it.  I wouldn’t say that there are many earth-shattering updates in this version, but there are scads of little feature enhancements and fixes.  As usual, the upgrade is free to licensed users.  Enjoy!