Version 5.5.37a of screen-scraper Released

Several small changes in this one:

  • Fixed a bug related to duplicate token editor windows.
  • Add buttons to wrap text and find within the request/response of a proxy transaction.
  • Now using %20 instead of + to represent a space character when encoding GET/POST parameters.
  • Now correctly displaying encoded GET/POST parameters in scrapeable file proxy comparer.
  • Added search term to the top of the proxy search results window.
Also, for any out there keeping track, we’re nearing another full version release.  At this point we’ve pretty much frozen the feature set for a 6.0 release, so we’re now going to be doing a lot of internal testing to ensure we catch any bugs and such before we do a full release.  We’d also be grateful to any who are willing to help us test alpha versions.  Please let us know of any issues you find.

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