Version 5.5.36a of screen-scraper Released

Several changes in this one:

  • Added the following methods: session.setStopScrapingOnScriptError, session.setStopScrapingOnMaxRequestAttemptsReached, session.setStopScrapingOnExtractorPatternTimeout, scrapeableFile.getMaxRequestAttemptsReached, scrapeableFile.getExtractorPatternTimedOut.
  • Fixed a bug related to prompting for save upon exit.
  • Deprecated proxy scripting.  Can be re-enabled via the AllowProxyScripting property.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in the workbench.
  • Updated the .NET driver to work with COM-based applications.
  • Added initial support for memory profiling.
The memory profiling stuff is especially cool.  There are times when a developer can inadvertently cause screen-scraper to run short on memory.  We’ve added code to detect for these times, then give (hopefully) a good detailed description of what’s chewing up resources so that the problem can be addressed.  It’s likely we’ll refine this one more over time, but even the initial implementation is pretty useful.

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  1. Love what you did with the memory problem. I appreciate the implementation or further tools to address those instances.

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