Version 5.5.32a of screen-scraper Released

Things have cooled down for us a bit over the holidays, so we’ve been able to carve out time for a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements.  Here’s the list:

  • Fixed a threading issue related to the REST interface.
  • Added classes and methods related to decoding images.
  • Fixed a bug related to use of the “Breakpoint” button with RunnableScrapingSessions.
  • Added getStatusMessage, setStatusMessage, and appendStatusMessage to the session object, all of which are synonymous with their corresponding “error” methods (e.g., getStatusMessage = getErrorMessage).
  • In the web UI changed the column “Error Message” to “Status Message”.
  • Added the following methods to the scrapeableFile object: resequenceHTTPParameter( String key, int sequence ), removeHTTPParameter( String key ), addGETHTTPParameter( String key, String value, int sequence ), addGETHTTPParameter( String key, String value ), addPOSTHTTPParameter( String key, String value, int sequence ), addPOSTHTTPParameter( String key, String value )
  • Made a DataManager fix where child rows weren’t getting inserted for duplicate parent rows.
  • Changed default user agent for newly-created scraping sessions to Internet Explorer 8.
  • Now saving in a separate thread so that the GUI won’t get locked up for large objects.

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