Version 5.5 of screen-scraper Released!

Queue the applause.  Judging by the release notes for this one, I can honestly say we’ve put a lot into it.  I wouldn’t say that there are many earth-shattering updates in this version, but there are scads of little feature enhancements and fixes.  As usual, the upgrade is free to licensed users.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Version 5.5 of screen-scraper Released!”

  1. Thanks for the update! Love some of the little changes, especially how the DataSet remembers window size and list/grid view.

    One horrible change is that the sub-extractor patterns input boxes got smaller! Three vertical lines is very difficult to work with =(

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Josh. We took an internal poll here which concluded that the sub-extractor patterns box should be shrunk. The vast majority of our sub-extractor patterns tend to be one-liners, so the large box ended up just consuming unnecessary space. That said, your point is well-taken; perhaps we could add a setting that allows the size of that box to be adjusted according to preference. I’ll add it to our to-do list!

  3. A size-customizable box would be great!

    Another useful customizable option would be the regarding how the regular expressions are now automatically filled in based on where you put a pattern token. In general I find this feature very useful. But in some cases I need to manually remove the regex that is automatically applied.

    Thanks for the wrappable text in the last request/response windows. I also like how the sub extractor Test Pattern returns only its relevant data!

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