Version 5.0.39a of screen-scraper Released

This one contains several fixes and enhancements:

  • Fixed a bug related to hitting the “Enter” key in the find dialog box.
  • You can now wrap text in the last request and last response panels.
  • Rearranged elements on the last response panel so that overlapping shouldn’t occur.
  • The delay on the script auto-complete box can now be set via the “AutoCompleteDelay” property in the “” file.
  • Rearranged elements in the proxy “Progress panel” so that they don’t overlap.
  • Now dismissing the splash screen before the start page loads.
  • The name text box is now highlighted when proxy sessions, scraping sessions, and scripts are created.
  • Adjusted a few visual elements related to proxy sessions so that they resize correctly.
  • Now filtering out “sitecheck” requests made by Opera.
  • Table columns in the “HTTP Transactions” table are now being sized correctly even when the table is empty.
  • Fixed a bug where less-than symbols weren’t always showing up in the tool-tip for extractor pattern tokens.
As always, full history and details can be found in the Alpha Change Log.  Also, for anyone keeping track, we’re getting very close to releasing another public version of screen-scraper (we’ll probably give it a version number of 5.5).  If you’re running the alpha versions we’d be grateful for any bug reports.  We’ll obviously want to work out any kinks before we release the next stable version.

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