screen-scraper Helps Power Oracle OpenWorld Search

Not to toot our own horn (okay, we will), but our very own screen-scraper software is helping to power the search feature for the currently-running Oracle OpenWorld conference.  From the OpenWorld home page, try a search in the box found in the upper-right corner (try something like “SES”).  The search results you see where scraped from their content catalog, keynotes, and blog postings, then aggregated and enriched with information like spatial data (e.g., for demos you can click the location to see on a map exactly where it occurs).  The excellent search interface is provided by Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, with which screen-scraper has been integrated.

This is actually a great example of the power of screen-scraping.  Take information from various web sources, dump them all into a single database, then correlate and enrich the information in a searchable interface.  It’s a powerful thing to take disparate pieces and sum them into something that’s much greater than the individual parts.

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