Version 5.0 of screen-scraper released! And it’s on sale!!!

Okay, that was probably too many exclamation points in the title.  It’s with good reason, though.  Version 5.0 represents a major upgrade in screen-scraper’s functionality (take a glance at the release notes to see what I mean).  Not only have we made all kinds of bug fixes, but there are lots of enhancements to the user interface as well as completely new functionality.

Along with this release we’ve also done some significant revamping of our docs, which we’ll continue to do.  We want to make sure screen-scraper is easier to learn for the beginner and quicker to use for the seasoned veteran.

And on top of all of that it’s on sale!  Until August 15 of this year you can get the Enterprise Edition for $800 off and the Professional Edition for $150 off.  We’ll be raising prices back up after that date, so get it while it’s hot.  Interested in purchasing?  Click here to be taken to our registration page.

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