Version of screen-scraper available

Today we released version of screen-scraper, and would appreciate feedback. It’s a minor update addressing a few bugs, with the primary fix intending to address database corruption we’d have reports of. It’s a rare issue, but can be a bit catastrophic if someone hasn’t been backing up their work.

If those using the professional edition of screen-scraper wouldn’t mind upgrading we’d be mighty grateful. Ideally you shouldn’t notice any changes in functionality at all, aside from the absence of database corruption of course 🙂

This is an alpha version of screen-scraper, so you may need to update your settings to allow screen-scraper to update. To do this open the “Settings” dialog box (click the wrench icon) then check the box labelled “Allow upgrading to unstable versions.”
If you encounter any trouble please either drop us a support request, or feel free to email me directly. My email address is my first name at

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